Refresh Yourself

With summer coming up I think you guys will appreciate this recipe since its nice and cold, really enjoyable to drink at the pool or if you are just feeling hot. This is also my own recipe that i experimented. I tried for a while to perfect it.

Fruit-smoothieĀ  (

What you need:

– Two bananas

– Some strawberries

– Orange

– Basically fresh fruits, has to be fresh

– Any kind of liquid preferably fresh orange juice or some store bought juice

– A lot of ice

– Sugar (Your choice if you want to add it or not)

– A blender



– Add all the fruits inside the blender gently

– Then smoothly add the juice that you want to add

– Blend it for about a minute

– After that, add the ice first this is very important. Always add the ice first since its solidified water it will take up the sugar if you add the sugar first, so the taste wont be the same.

– Add sugar, but not too much ruins the fruit flavor


There you go one fresh smoothie ready for you to drink and share with your peers.

Recipe of Ahmed Serhan.


7 thoughts on “Refresh Yourself

    • Well at first i thought that way you did, but after seeing how people actually liked it from my family i decided to share it so that people are able to have fun with it too and enjoy it. I love seeing the smile on peoples faces when they like something especially when its mine. Thank you so much hope you actually like it.

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